New Website Launch!

Team Elledge announces our new website today!  The folks  at Lowercase Inc. designed a new sweet look for our site and blog.  Check out the new work, a motion gallery, new links, and look for two new additional sites in the future.


High Low

© Paul Elledge

When we worked in Mexico with Rick Bayless this past July, the idea of High Food and Low Food was presented to us.  The concept of high or low anything can both have influences on our point of view and give us inspiration.  Team Elledge has found the same in the visual arts, street artOutsider art, MOMA, and AIC all having mammoth visual influences on our ways of seeing.  The same goes with experiences, such as visiting the county fair (some may consider “low”) or exploring the fashions of Milano (often considered “high”).  Regardless, opening the eyes to what the world brings can open the heart to new and exciting ideas.

Bertrand Goldberg

© Paul Elledge

Team Elledge had the pleasure of attending the opening of two shows last night at the Art Insitute of Chicago. Bertrand Goldberg is one of Chicago’s finest home town architects. If you have been to Chicago, you know that Marina City is an iconic part of our city skyline. It’s groundbreaking design is still amazing more than 50 years after it was built.

The show features the critical thinking behind Goldberg’s designs which is illustrated with drawings, models and articfacts. In conjunction to the Goldberg show is Inside Marina City: A project by Iker Gil and Andeas E.G. Larson.  It’s a wonderful photographic documentry project created by our studio friend Andreas.  Hats off to Andreas’ new work, and this wonderful show.

It’s an honor

©Leasha Overturf

It’s an honor to work with Brad Johnson and Leasha Overturf.  Both are amazing team members as well as great photographers.  This weekend both Brad and Leasha have work exhibited in two different galleries.  Brad Johnson, Paul’s assistant will be part of “The Chicago Project IV” at the Catherine Edelman Gallery.  Leasha our producer will have a fantastic self portrait at the   33 Contempory Gallery.  Come out Friday night, say hello, and support the team!

© WM Bradley Johnson


Who Knew?

© Paul Elledge

Who knew that Paul shot landscapes? This week Team Elledge delivered a new body of landscapes shot by Paul for the new Mia Francesca that is opening in North Carolina next month. Created in 2010 in and around the Toscana Photography Workshop, you can see some of this new work here. Or, join Paul and Leasha this summer in Italy and see the locations in person during Paul’s TPW class in August.