About Paul Earle & Co.

Paul Earle & Co. operates at the intersection of brands, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Yes, as the diagram above implies (with due credit to Prof. John Venn and his breakthrough work on set theory).

In specific terms, we humbly submit that we are good at:

  • Creating rich, dynamic brands for new products (namely, identity systems—the trademark, the logo, the narrative, the digital design, and related creative output)
  • Trademark acquisition and screening (as an alternative to creating new brands; sourcing marks with some existing awareness base for specific known business needs)
  • New product development (green field concepts, technology repurposing ideas, product extension ideas, and beyond)
  • Early stage venture advisory and development (something of a “co-founder for hire” role: strategy, business plan development, product development, external business development, key personnel/partner recruitment, assistance in fund raising, cleaning out the wastebasket if that’s what’s most needed, and beyond)
  • Acquisition analysis and diligence (consultation to sophisticated investors in assessing current investment/acquisition opportunities, sourcing new ones in strategic verticals or simply opportunistically, and beyond; particular intuition for spaces that are either consumer-driven or could/should be)

About the “ & Co.” part:

Paul Earle is fortunate to be able to bring to bear partnerships with a superb group of professionals in a number of verticals, from graphic and digital design, to general market advertising, to research, to capital raising, as the case may be. It’s a great way of being able to provide the comprehensive services of a big firm without all the downside.