Mind the Gap?

Don’t get me wrong, I think the new Gap logo (above right) completely sucks. Or should that be, “sucked,” past tense? Per this article (and many others on the subject), it was like the Nic Cage movie: gone in sixty seconds. We hardly knew ye.

I don’t like the fact that Gap executives are saying that they should have essentially gotten “approval” for the new logo (quotes intended) from the online community first, however. It’s almost like they are cowering in fear. The degree to which marketers are essentially defaulting to crowd action – or, put differently, mob action- is getting to be a bit over the top, and it can really hinder innovation. Marketers need to be mindful of the fact that consumers will typically reject anything that is unfamiliar to them, yet of course familiarity leads to the “sea of sameness” that is death to brands old and new alike. This presents something of a conundrum– and the only way marketers can work around it is to be creative and LEAD, not work towards the common denominator and follow.

Btw, I love this hit job on the new logo… now that’s funny! (source: Laist.com)

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