The right way to do technology branding

When you have a great product and great technology, the way to take it to market is to start by explaining in very clear terms what the thing @*#& does. In theory the marketer should be as proud as a peacock, and should revel in telling the world about the game-changing innovation that they have created.

Yet too many new product launches are compromised by marketers being so clever, so intent on being funny, or so something that they forget (or intentionally disregard) the need to explain how the product functions and why we should care. If you see a killer app that is buried in mixed metaphors and rhetorical questions (see Behr post below), or any other hackneyed marketing tricks that are all too common today, chances are a crappy creative agency is behind it, paid by a weak brand manager who didn’t know any better.

The abundance of launch campaigns that get it wrong is why I absolutely love one that gets it so right: Dyson. See They have a truly great product… and their advertising simply focuses on showing us what it does, and why. The production values and graphics establish the unique, sophisticated tone that seals the deal.

There are a lot of great product innovations out there today, and unfortunately most of them are poorly served by the people responsible for branding and communicating them. The Dyson case is a wonderful exception.

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