Define “reasonable”

This is not exactly a high-impact national marketing initiative (it’s the storefront window of a rug store around the corner from me), but it is representative of a real problem marketers have wrestled with forever: behaving as though your customers are stupid. “No reasonable offers refused?” Come on, man. Really lame… and sort of gross.

I have always maintained that there is a big opportunity for good old fashioned straight talk in our business, because it is right, and also because it would be disarmingly effective. I blogged a while back about the brilliant new Domino’s campaign that basically said, “you know our pizza wasn’t any good, and we know that you know,┬áso we tried to make it better.” Excellent– and it has been a blockbuster success for them. Truth and candor are very powerful marketing tools. As marketers look to brand and peddle their wares, if they are not motivated by ethics, then they should at least be driven by capitalist ambition, and do what’s best for business: be honest.

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