Celebrating Life

Yes, the Moose is focused on providing service to others. But the great thing is that, as we raise the millions of dollars to do all of that—we have a whole lot of fun!

We conduct events that are wholesome and fun for the entire family to attend; where young parents let their little ones run free because they’re among friends; and where prices are much more reasonable than any afternoon or evening of entertainment at a commercial establishment.

Members plan their vacations around our annual International Conventions where they look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones in fun vacation spots like Las Vegas, California and Florida.

Many members are first introduced to the Moose through their friends and family—but they stay because of the joy they experience in being surrounded by their new Moose family!

  • Friends made at the Moose are friends for life – camaraderie bonds members as they work toward common positive goals
  • Family-friendly activities blended with philanthropic goals enable parents to lead by example
  • Fun activities like spaghetti-dinner fundraisers, Vegas nights, cookouts, and benefit softball or golf tournaments happen every week at local Lodges.

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