Desired results don’t just happen. Reaching goals takes hard work, focus and keen instincts. Our integrated communications capabilities range from strategy to implementation to measurement.

“The principals of CSG are unflagging in their enthusiasm for their clients’ mission, and unparalleled in their attention to detail and in their creativity in crafting and delivering a message to the target audience.”

— Kurt Wehrmeister, Director, Communications & Public Affairs, Moose International

Media Relations

Buying media time is easy; earning media attention requires newsworthy, relevant and unique ideas to help you stand out among the crowd. We listen to your story, create news hooks to garner media interest, connect with reporters, producers and bloggers and get your story placed.

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Our team of former journalists and corporate communications professionals believes capturing headlines can be a powerful tool toward achieving a broader goal for our clients. Whether it is positioning a client as an industry expert, motivating a potential buyer or educating a potential funder, we create and implement media relations programs that meet our clients’ ultimate goals. We are proactive and responsive in our approach. Our newsroom of professionals is constantly monitoring the news for opportunities for our clients to comment on related timely topics.

Our team has garnered media attention for clients in high-profile outlets including USA Today, CNBC, People Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review’s Blog. We have even worked with the producers of the Today Show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy who dedicated an episode to a client, the Doctors, The Talk, and Dr. Oz.

From the increasingly competitive print media to the advent of influential blogs, we understand how the media work and continue to evolve in this rapidly changing world. Our relationships with national and local media run deep. We continue to expand these connections as media outlets evolve and new types of media form. Picking up the phone and calling a producer at CNBC is a job for a senior level PR professional. Our clients count on us to tell them what is and what isn’t newsworthy. We are experts in identifying the most newsworthy angle. Our reputation in the media depends on it.

Social Media

We make the most of your social media outreach. While many companies are using social media to reach new or existing communities, we are strong proponents of using social media if—and when—it is an appropriate vehicle.

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A recent CMO survey reported that in the next year, social media budgets will make up 9.8 percent of marketing budgets, (up from 5.6 percent.) In the next five years, that percentage is expected to double, especially within service companies. As social media resources become increasingly valued within marketing budgets, we identify ways to target online audiences to sustain the value of your brand. And while social media is revolutionizing communications, we ask you the right questions to determine if social media is the avenue for your organization, because it’s not necessarily the answer every time.

Brand Management

Your brand has a story to communicate. We help develop that story to ensure that every encounter with your audience is consistent and on message.

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Whether our clients look to us to research whether or not a brand refresh is needed, introduce a new brand, or to re-engage their audience with a brand refresh, we drive comprehensive marketing strategies to build a strong and solid brand presence.

More than just a logo, branding positions your organization for optimal exposure to your target audience. We help differentiate your brand by fully integrating your stakeholders, “products” (tangible or intangible), reputation within the industry…and even in the media. We offer practical and effective ideas to ensure each touchpoint with your constituent has the potential to educate and influence perception and behavior.

Internal Communication

Whether it be the launch of a new product, a change in leadership, or a reinforcement of current perceptions, we understand the intricacies of communicating effectively with internal audiences, from bottom to top and everywhere in between.

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Whether you need to reach employees, members of your organization or board members, we believe reaching internal audiences to drive specific change is as important as reaching external audiences. We develop specific communications plans and messaging to reach your internal audiences. This may include creating and launching an internal campaign complete with a launch event or it may include developing a video featuring the CEO and management discussing a specific change in the organization.

Crisis Communication

A crisis is generally the worst time to be planning for one. Therefore, we attempt to troubleshoot before problems arise,—as it’s been instilled by one of our well-known clients “always be prepared!”

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Our crisis communication services run the gamut from creating a comprehensive crisis communications plan to advising to managing the communications efforts surrounding a specific crisis and implementing a plan for recovery. Our team’s experience with managing high profile crisis situations for national associations to local nonprofits provides us with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage a variety of crisis situations and ensure your organization takes the required steps to manage the recovery process.

Spokesperson Training

A good spokesperson will react. A great spokesperson will lead. Let us hold your next media training for one or more of your company’s spokespeople, and you’ll immediately see the difference proper training can make.

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We leave no stone unturned and ensuring that our clients’ message is heard demands that they are prepared. Our media relations programs go beyond securing coverage to preparing expert spokespeople. Our team of former journalists and professional facilitator prepare spokespeople to control print and broadcast media interviews while communicating consistent organization messages. An emphasis is placed on the 4Cs of effective message delivery – Clarity, Consistency, Confidence, and Control.

Our programs are customized to meet the needs of individual clients. In addition to teaching skills, these “hands-on,” intensive training sessions will help us finalize our recommendations for your organization’s spokesperson to address a variety of opportunities calling for “expert” media commentary.

Participants will leave each session having learned to:

  • Understand the news process and how to meet reporters’ needs
  • Apply their rights and responsibilities as a spokesperson
  • Deliver effective messages
  • Employ skills to control print and broadcast interviews

Community Outreach

Public opinion matters. And what moves public opinion, in part, is impactful grassroots community outreach. While much of our work focuses on public relations and marketing, CSG also creates community outreach programs for organizations whose issues demand that they reach their audience at a grassroots level.

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We have developed campaigns focused on public health policies, environmental awareness and improvements, and nature conservancy, among others. When necessary, we take awareness to the next level, as it becomes an educational experience, and even more, behavior change.